Dissemination Activities


DATES: 11th & 18th April 2023

VENUE: Online

On the 11th and 18th of April 2023, partners organized two webinars in order to inform the project’s main target groups about the CEDAC project and the value as well as benefits of creativity in seniors lives.

During the first session (April 11th), the webinar joined mainly adult trainers who work with seniors and they were informed in detail about the project and its results (workshops, the web portal alongside the seniortube, e-learning course for adult trainers). In addition, the focus was given on the reasons why seniors should be creative and why adult trainers need to be trained in order to teach seniors.

On the 18th of April, during the second webinar, mostly seniors joined and got informed more briefly about the project and mainly the workshops that they can learn from. In addition, a keynote speaker, dr Klaudia Rosińska, a specialist in counteracting disinformation and cybersecurity at NASK – the Polish government research institute for internet security, shared her expertise on this topic in relation to seniors. Lastly, a brief presentation of the pilot testing sessions in all countries was presented in order to show the project’s impact up until now.



Webinar 1 – 11th of April 2023

Webinar 2 – 18th of April 2023


DATES: 15th of December 2022

VENUE: Hotel Campanile, Kraków, Poland

During the conference we organized for seniors as a summary of another project we mentioned CEDAC, we explained its assumptions and goals. We reffered all the results that were in the process of developmen and encouraged all our guest to follow what is happening within the projet on our website and social media


DATES: 30th April 2021

VENUE: Newspaper: https://correiodoribatejo.pt/rutis-com-novo-projecto-europeu/

News on local Newspaper (Correio do Ribatejo): news item that introduced the CEDAC project: brief presentation – objectives and participating countries.

DATES: 10th October 2021

VENUE: Almeirim, Portugal

Magna Meeting: presentation of the CEDAC project and invitation to follow its development.

DATES: 19th October 2022

VENUE: Almeirim, Portugal

Presentation of developments on the CEDAC project and perspectives on the use of the materials being built.

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