Webportal & Seniortube

Result 3: Webportal with useful tools and activities for digital creativity guides of seniors

The last intellectual output is about the creation of the platform of the project. This web portal will be a common online space for all participants, seniors, and trainers. It will include:

  1. A wide set of different online tools, websites, applications which will allow participants to find out interesting and reliable facts about arts and culture. All tools will be free (or at least have a free option of use), legal and accessible to everyone.
  2. All training modules created in IO1 as well as the e-learning guide developed in IO2 in English and also translated into the 4 partner languages (Polish, Greek, Portuguese and Czech).
  3. A “Seniortube” which is the space for seniors where they can share what they do in the field of arts and culture, they can exchange ideas and they can establish strong relations of cooperation with other seniors from other countries.
  4. A space for trainers where they can also share their knowledge, experience and ideas in regards to the training modules and new activities.

Activities & Tools

Here you can find activities & tools for all the workshops!

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