Czech Republic – Bread baking

This workshop describes baking sourdough bread. The sourdough bread smells sour, is denser and its main advantage is that if stored properly (wrapped in a cloth) it will normally last for a week to 14 days without molding. Sourdough bread is more digestible, therefore the nutrients from it are more usable. The disadvantage of sourdough bread is that it rises up to ten times slower than yeast and takes a varying amount of time to rise.

2 hours
8 hours at home (without 12 hours for do sourdough starter)

Homemade sourdough bread

It will be presented how to create your own sourdough and then make homemade healthy bread

Requires time, a food processor or a bread machine, classic kitchen utensils (wooden spoon, spoon, bowl with lid or bathing cap), and Ingredients (water, salt, flour, cumin)

The workshop will present instructions on how to make bread at home

Additional Activities & Tools:

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