Greece – Pies

Greeks have been eating these pies since ancient times. One of the earliest references to one comes from the poet Philoxenos in the 5th century B.C

Spinach pie (spanakopita) is one of Greece’s famous dishes. It can be found anywhere in the country, but some of the most famous versions come from the north-western region of Greece, Epirus.

Melopita is a traditional Greek Honey Cheesecake coming from Sifnos Island, in the Cyclades. The word ‘melopita’ basically translates to ‘honey pie’. The cheese is fresh, unsalted anthotyros or myzithra, something like ricotta, and it is sweetened with Greek honey.

2 hours

- Provide the opportunity to participants to enhance their creativity through cooking
- Acquire a new perspective about cooking

- The benefits of cooking (psychological and social)
- Traditional Greek Recipes

Computer or laptop, internet connection, multimedia projector, speakers/sound system, paper, pencil, eraser.

Theoretical part and interactive activities. The workshop will be held with the assistance of a facilitator.

Additional Activities & Tools:

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