This workshop is an opportunity:

  • to get an idea of Greece
  • to learn about Greek traditions in the current era
  • to learn how to make a kite
  • to learn how to create a wreath with flowers

As happens in most civilizations, Greek traditions have been altered by globalization. However, Greeks still seem to respect their long-term practices because they think they are a part of their identity. Every year, many people from foreign countries come to experience and celebrate the Greek festivities and to be a part of the Greek community.

2 hours

- Providing the opportunity to get an idea about Greek traditions
- Familiarization in detail with some of the traditions

To be familiar with Greek traditional food and music

- PC, laptop, or smartphone
- Some materials for activities, such as flexible branches, simple wire, or a special flower sponge. Flowers, a thin string, a thin red cord, a blue bead or a blue eye, and a tape measure

Read, listen, practice

Greek traditions

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Tips and tricks for trainers

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