Portugal – Pastel de Nata

In this workshop, we will discover the secrets of a crunchy dough and an incredible cream, and then enjoy the delicacy that we have made, the famous Pastel de Nata – Portuguese Custard Tart.
In this class, we will have access to all the necessary equipment and ingredients.

Let’s make culinary art!

2 hours

GOAL: Know the origins of the Portuguese delicacy "Pastel de Nata". Learn to bake your own pastéis de nata

Historical background/origins of the pastéis de nata, videos, baking session, tasting of pastéis de nata, quiz​

Computer or laptop, internet connection, multimedia projector, speakers/sound system. Oven, scale, pastry trays/molds, ingredients, and a container with lid for each student to take their pastéis.

There will be a facilitator for the activity to guide seniors through the class and the activities included in this workshop.​

This activity will be developed face to face.

Additional Activities & Tools:

Portugal - Pastel de Nata

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