Poland – Tissue Paper Flowers

Workshop with a focus on tissue paper flowers – used in the olden days to decorate key rooms of traditional highland homes in the Babia Góra region. The unique skill is now back in favor. Arranged into celebratory bouquets, costume jewelry, and artistic installations, tissue paper flowers are becoming an alternative for cut flowers today.

2 hours

- Information on tissue paper flower-making traditions
- Information on tissue paper flower-making techniques
- Contemporary inspirations

- Introduction
- A brief history of tissue paper flower-making traditions in the Babia Góra region
- Materials required
- Tutorial videos – Making Tissue Paper Flowers
- Contemporary inspirations

- Smartphone or laptop computer
- Tissue and/or crepe paper in assorted colors
- Florist wire

- Written instructions / reading material
- Tutorial video
- Manual work

Additional Activities & Tools:

Poland - Tissue Paper Flowers

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Tips and tricks for trainers

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