Polish Artist – Stanisław Wyspiański

In the course of the workshop, participants will be provided with basic information on Stanisław Wyspiański – a Polish artist whose entire life was closely connected to Cracow. A brief presentation of his work and key life events follows.

2 hours

The key purpose of the activity is to boost senior participants’ creativity through painting/drawing or other media.

The next slide shows three pieces by Wyspiański.

Paper, pencils, crayons, watercolors.

Look at the next slide. Don’t spend too much time thinking, start drawing / painting / using any other technique to express your first impressions. There is no need for a finished work. Just work on a draft. Remember: you only have 20 minutes. There are no wrong ideas. Go with the flow! 

Additional Activities & Tools:

Polish Artist - Stanisław Wyspiański

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