Polish Tradition – Christmas

Splendid Christmas traditions have abundantly survived in Poland until this day. While their religious aspect continues to be palpable in many homes, the process of secularising, commercializing and globalizing they have been subjected to is unquestionable. Multiple local customs are practiced by tradition aficionados only – yet others have been kept alive across the country in a globally unique phenomenon.

Similarity to other Catholic countries, St. Nicholas’ Day is celebrated in Poland on December 6th. Placing token gifts under children’s pillows on the night of December 5th to 6th is a Polish tradition.

Depicting St. Nicholas – a Catholic saint – in clothing typically associated with Santa Claus is proof of how Polish culture is undergoing globalization. Yet Poland has more gift-bearing characters around the Christmas season.

2 hours

- Learn about different Christmas traditions in Poland
- Exercise participants’ creativity
- Integrate participants

- Presentation
- Activities

- Projector
- Music player + speakers
- Paper and pencils/crayons

Lecture with interactive activities

Additional Activities & Tools:

  • Krakow Nativity Scenes
    Visit the online exhibition of Krakow Nativity Scenes. Look carefully at the details of the subjects and try to find elements connected to the city of Krakow.

Polish Tradition - Christmas

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