Storytelling & Blogging

Seniors are like books since they are full of experiences and stories. Telling a story can help seniors in various ways yet, can it also be done through technology? How? This workshop will explain what storytelling is and its benefits and then focus on blogging and how to create your own.

2 hours

Tell a story

A paper and a pen

To think about a personal experience and tell it as descriptive and creative as possible

- Think about a personal experience/story
- Divide it in different parts and enrich it with adjectives, emotions and personal comments
- Tell it to the rest of the class or to yourself
- Think about its positive elements or how it could be improved

Offline activity

Additional Activities & Tools:

  • Blogger
    Create your own blog easily with this user-friendly tool. In a matter of minutes, you will be ready to share your thoughts and passions with the world.
  • Hubspot
    Tool for generating blog ideas and killer headlines! Type keywords about the topic you would like to write about and it will generate ideas for blog articles and headlines.
  • Let’s brainstorm!
    Take a piece of paper and a pen and think about a personal experience. Take notes of how you can express it to other people and structure your thoughts.
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